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While lately everyone likes to use the words fake news as evidence to reality  built by the news and are  not objective events, when it come to fashion one can have his own interpretation to  style and trends with the absolute certainty that fashion was  here a long time ago.  Branding and presentation,  of clothing and “what-wear-what?” Have become much more important than the clothes themselves or the originality of the designers’ work. What does it matter if the shirt is terribly boring when you buy it for more  $$$   and it looks like a top model? In short, this is no longer what we wear, it’s just need to have the right name tag.
Therefore, the work of fashion brands, with an emphasis on fashion chains, has become so complicated. Instead of announcing every season the design and style of research and inspirational work, they need to invest the energy, the money and the development in countless marketing pretexts and stories, price tags in red, and random “paparazzi” photographs of the presenter in brand clothes. And when you invest the energy in the story, and not in the content itself, what will eventually develop and change from season to season is the story, the outer cover, and not the content. producing the same familiar outfit season after season, only with a new price, a new presentation or a new presentation. That’s why it has been years since fashion does not really change its face – the same narrow jeans, the same retro, the same military inspirations and the same so-called appeal.

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