Fashion Trends

I grew up with some of the most independent, out there, and smart women and I’ve always loved all their fashion choices from the moment i layed eyes on them, today fashion has changed so much. Today all kids wear is Forever 21 and Brandy Melville, crop tops to high waisted anything if i was a kid with all these cute fashion trends i would’ve been a lot more popular. I feel that kids these days really change throughout history, for instance kids today almost look like adults from the way they dress, in my opinion i think kids are a little ahead of their time.

Fashion icons today like Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian get amazing comments on being half naked in magazines. (even though they look really good,  no shade) Everything they wear always have to be very expensive and be made by famous designers. Even Miley Cyrus  went threw a Jurassic change when blossoming into the woman she is today, from country star to dancing on a wrecking ball naked, oh how things change. I wonder in 20 years from now will Kim K still be the fashionista of the century? Or will her famous hour glass figure still be in, only time will tell.