Dressing for Summer

Summer platform sandals

Figuring out what to get dressed in each morning when your brain is only 50% on is hard enough. Doing it with the expectation that your entire body is going to transform into a bloated, sweating, frizzled, frazzled mess as soon as you step out of your (hopefully) air-conditioned abode is enough to send you back to bed.

                         It’s rough out there for anyone trying to project a certain amount of look in the summer, aside from the fresh-from-the-gym, damp one. It’s all about thinking strategically and taking a few shortcuts that ensure maximum breeziness. To help, we headed to the beach on a particularly sweltering day to put in practice some hot-weather style moves that’ll keep you looking as un-melted as possible.
                        Let’s start from the floor-up, okay? Keep your shoes flat, open-toed, and sturdy, if you want to keep from sweat-slipping out of them. Also, make sure they’re broken in before you start wearing them in the dog days of summer — that’s just inviting blisters.
Karen Walker Tabs Shirt, $290.00, available at Karen WalkerASOS Denim Castaway Shorts in White,$53.35, available at ASOSTopshop Flashy Bling Sliders, $110.00, available at TopshopLady Grey Axis Necklace,$240.00, available at Lady GreyBand of Outsiders Windowpane Check Asymmetrical Button Down, $375.00, available at Band of OutsidersKaren Walker Lotus Shorts, $360.00, available at Karen WalkerZara Flat Sandals With Tassels, $29.99, available at Zara.
                      The cardinal rule to hot-weather dressing is that bigger is better. Even though Bermuda shorts and button-downs aren’t as short as Daisy Dukes or tight tanks, the extra wiggle room will allow air to circulate a lot better.
                        Illesteva Hamilton, $290.00, available at IllestevaZara Flat Sandals With Tassels, $29.99, available at ZaraKaren Walker Lotus Shorts, $360.00, available at Karen WalkerBand of Outsiders Windowpane Check Asymmetrical Button Down, $375.00, available at Band of OutsidersLady Grey Axis Necklace, $240.00, available at Lady GreyASOS Denim Castaway Shorts in White, $53.35, available at ASOSKaren Walker Tabs Shirt,$290.00, available at Karen Walker.

                        Though a hat might seem like it’ll suffocate your head, protecting your scalp from UV rays will eventually keep you cooler. Built-in ventilation doesn’t hurt, either.


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                          Sweat stains: They’re inevitable. Patterns camouflage perspiration a whole lot better than solid colors do.

Swash shorts; Derek Lam 10 Crosby tunic;Pleats Please by Issey Miyake skirt; Ashwedges.

Whistles Faye Striped Seam Back T-shirt, $76.54, available at WhistlesWood Wood Women’s Margot Leather Brogues, $217.17, available at CogglesZara Neoprene Minadiére, $35.99, available at Zara.

                         Though it might seem counterintuitive, double-layering in the summertime is actually key. A single piece will stick to your body, and you’ll find yourself constantly tugging, fixing, and fanning things to make sure you’re not accidentally flashing other pedestrians. Find clothes that already come with an inner slip, or DIY it with clever layers.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby tunic; Pleats Please by Issey Miyake skirt; Ash wedges.

Zara Neoprene Minadiére, $35.99, available at Zara.

                          Natural fibers are way more breathable than anything synthetic. But, since they’re also way less stretchy, make sure you’re, again, going for something bigger in size.


Mango Culottes, $49.99, available at MangoCocobelle Greek Inspired Sandal, $62.00, available at SwellDinny Hall Medium Round Tapering Hoops, $195.76, available at Dinny Hall.

                           You probably learned in school that darker colors retain more heat, but the difference between a black T-shirt dress and a white one is minimal, except when it comes to hiding sweat. Opt for darker colors in breathable fabrics if you know you’re going to be shvitzing.


Cocobelle Greek Inspired Sandal,$62.00, available at Swell.

                            When it comes to bags, you want to make sure to choose one that doesn’t touch your skin. A crossbody with a thin strap that hits you right at your clothed parts (like your hip or thigh) can feel a lot better to carry than a shoulder bag that sticks to your armpits.


Issa London Jacquard Tapered Trousers, $114.86, available at IssaSuperga 2750 Cotu Classic, $65.00, available at SupergaKaren Walker Lydia Mini Phone, $225.00, available at Karen WalkerShoemint Mora,$69.98, available at Shoemint.

                            Embrace the slip dress this summer as your go-to for going out. It’s sexy but not clingy — perfect for hot nights.

Karen Walker Lydia Mini Phone,$225.00, available at Karen Walker.

                          If you don’t have to, don’t tuck things in. That extra bit of fabric pushed against your skin can feel oppressive. The answer lies in clothing that’s cut right where it’s supposed to stop. Slightly cropped tops can catch the errant breeze, but you won’t feel sloppy.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby dress.

Topshop Mini Chunky Zip Crossbody Bag, $44.00, available at TopshopShoemint Maryam, $59.98, available at Shoemint.

                           Sport sandals that strap onto your feet are incredibly trendy at the moment, so take advantage of their ubiquity. These Tevas are lightweight, sweat-wicking, and you won’t accidentally slip out of them onto the subway floor (it’s happened before, and it ain’t pretty).

Jill Stuart tunic.

Lucy Folk All Sorts Chain Necklace,$145.00, available at Lucy FolkBabajaan Carmen Sunset Panama Hat,$246.76, available at BabajaanTeva Original Universal, $40.00, available at DSWMango Spike Jelly Sandals,$24.99, available at MangoTeva Original Universal Flat Sandal, $39.95, available at DSW.
                              And, when it’s really hot? Swim tops are made to keep you cool, and many versions out today look like bustiers or cropped tanks. Of course, this isn’t a work-appropriate pairing, but it can be an incredibly smart option for casual date nights in the city or hanging out on the boardwalk.
Illesteva Lenox, $300.00, available at IllestevaPret-á-Surf Retro Bikini Top,$170.00, available at NordstromSea NY Circle Pencil Skirt, $330.00, available at FarfetchIllesteva Hamilton, $290.00, available at Illesteva.
                           As you can see I added a few of my recommended outfits and pieces of summer clothing at the end of each segment, feel free to check them out,

Fashion Trends

I grew up with some of the most independent, out there, and smart women and I’ve always loved all their fashion choices from the moment i layed eyes on them, today fashion has changed so much. Today all kids wear is Forever 21 and Brandy Melville, crop tops to high waisted anything if i was a kid with all these cute fashion trends i would’ve been a lot more popular. I feel that kids these days really change throughout history, for instance kids today almost look like adults from the way they dress, in my opinion i think kids are a little ahead of their time.

Fashion icons today like Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian get amazing comments on being half naked in magazines. (even though they look really good,  no shade) Everything they wear always have to be very expensive and be made by famous designers. Even Miley Cyrus  went threw a Jurassic change when blossoming into the woman she is today, from country star to dancing on a wrecking ball naked, oh how things change. I wonder in 20 years from now will Kim K still be the fashionista of the century? Or will her famous hour glass figure still be in, only time will tell.

real fashion

While lately everyone likes to use the words fake news as evidence to reality  built by the news and are  not objective events, when it come to fashion one can have his own interpretation to  style and trends with the absolute certainty that fashion was  here a long time ago.  Branding and presentation,  of clothing and “what-wear-what?” Have become much more important than the clothes themselves or the originality of the designers’ work. What does it matter if the shirt is terribly boring when you buy it for more  $$$   and it looks like a top model? In short, this is no longer what we wear, it’s just need to have the right name tag.
Therefore, the work of fashion brands, with an emphasis on fashion chains, has become so complicated. Instead of announcing every season the design and style of research and inspirational work, they need to invest the energy, the money and the development in countless marketing pretexts and stories, price tags in red, and random “paparazzi” photographs of the presenter in brand clothes. And when you invest the energy in the story, and not in the content itself, what will eventually develop and change from season to season is the story, the outer cover, and not the content. producing the same familiar outfit season after season, only with a new price, a new presentation or a new presentation. That’s why it has been years since fashion does not really change its face – the same narrow jeans, the same retro, the same military inspirations and the same so-called appeal.